Australasian Student Architecture Congress

28 November – 2 December


The Biennial Australasian Student Architecture Congress—known as ASAC—has been a pivotal moment in the early careers of the next generation of Australian and New Zealand architects.

Starting off in the 1960s as a series of informal mass gatherings of students, ASAC has since become an established conference, visiting cities in Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea at least 30 times. For the first time since 1999, the Australasian Student Architecture Congress (ASAC) will be heading to Sydney in 2017.

A building is no longer something to use, but to own...once discovered as a form of capital, there is no choice for buildings but to operate according to the logic of capital
— Reiner de Graaf, Architectural Review, April 2015

So, what is Agency?


This year’s congress—titled AGENCY2017—will see approximately 400 students from all over Australasia designing, debating and learning through a week long community congress. Central to AGENCY2017 will be a series of events including: workshops, design/build studios, lectures and debates.

Agency will be attended by invited academics, designers, architects and students from around the world.

The congress will provide a space for architecture students to network, collaborate and be exposed to issues facing broader society and the profession. In the spirit of congresses past, AGENCY2017 will be a “lived agency”: a community living true to the values of the future we desire to create. It will act as a beacon of hope and optimism for the incoming future generation
of architects.

The 2017 Sydney Architecture Congress will be run on a voluntary basis driven by student passion, relying on sponsorship and industry support to make it happen.

Help us make #AGENCY2017 a reality

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